Sander de Bie

Sander de Bie is a songwriter & producer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He
studied jazz piano at the conservatory, but was always interested in many other
genres and instruments. For Sander, music is a universal language whether it’s Pop, Jazz, Hiphop, Indie or something else. That’s the reason he can write in any genre and it’s what keeps the creativity flowing in every session. The focus within songwriting is both dutch and english.
For Sander every writing session should be about a safe environment without any
ego. Where everyone can share their ideas, good or bad, without judgement. It’s all
about the music!
As a live player, Sander is known for his work with Snelle, Celine Cairo, Friday and
many more bands. He played with many artist within projects or as a substitute for
his colleagues.

Artists/writers/producers he workes with:
Snelle, Flemming, Duncan Laurence, Suzan & Freek, Maan, Metejoor, Pjotr, Celine
Cairo, Jebroer, Odelion, Ammar, Jan Kooijman, Jada Borsato, Friday, Benedict,
SYNGA, Lorrèn, Thomas Berge, Shirma Rouse, Brace, Jared Grant, Kris Berry,
Amber Gomaa, Dorona Alberti, Hebe, George Baker, Marle Thomson, Femke
Reynolds, Jeroen Kant, Pieternel, Krystl, Dennis Kroon, Yori Swart, Okke Punt,
Tommie Christiaan, Danique, Samuel Jack, Donda Nisha, Ramiks, Gewoonbeats,
Jimmy Huru, Leon Palmen, Arno Krabman, Avedon, Julian Vahle, The Companions,
Florens Oak, Guy Corneille, Izaline Calister, Lévi, Paul van Kessel, Kris Rietveld,
Ivar, Sherry Dyanne and many more…


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